Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Toys

I believe a personal transistion has occurred.  The perspective has changed. The move has been made.

I've lamented too often about singing. It's not something I've ever aspired to do. But...

By default, it's my party, the job has fallen to me.

Jeff (Bass extrordinaire) sent me a note last week with an ad for singing lessons. Brett Manning's Singing Sucess. Got the CD's 2 days ago.

I am the person least likely to endorse anything. I don't do it. I don't chase people to sign up for a TV service that promises to reduce my bill by $100 per month. I don't poke friends and let them know about a power company so I can bag a $50 a month reduction in my bill. 

I listened to the first lesson (one cd). Did the exercises. And promptly went through two octaves I've never been through before. It may not be for everyone but, if you are learning to sing, or want to improve, consider this buggers CD's. If not his then find someone that knows what they're talking about. 

One of my posts reflected on screaming. Having been the screamer, I can attest that it hurts. Physically. And it takes days to recover. Having spent an hour on a lesson that seems absurd and finding myself making noises I've never made before (and before is a lot longer than what's to come) was an awakening. And it didn't hurt. If you want to sing, get some lessons.

On another front...

I've made the move to get a PA system. Public Address. It seems there should be a better word for it it seems not.

A couple of poweres speakers and a digital mixer are winging their way to my humble abode within the week. The net effect has been me running around like a kid at Christmas ^^

Well, time to grow up soon. Actually, now. Really sleepy.



  1. I really am laughing now, really, lol, hahaha, lmao, yes, you are so "grown up." okay, I'll stop in a few minutes. I have laughter tears rolling down my face....really you are so funny.


  2. phht!!! I didn't say I was grown up young lady, I said time to grow up soon!!!

  3. hey, Rock Daddy, when you gonna get off your ass and update the rest of us?